SEPARS Operations

In support of our mission SEPARS runs regular and special event operations to keep skills fresh, train members, and provide valuable service to our community. These include:

  • Weekly Wednesday radio net[1]
  • May: Emergency Preparedness Week (public outreach, demonstration)
  • June: Field Day, a major event held on the last weekend of June each year, SEPARS joins SARC (The Surrey Amateur Radio Communications club) in establishing a remote communications command centre to simulate a post-disaster situation where our primary fixed communications centre is unavailable. The public is invited and welcome to tour our Field Day site.
  • July 1: Canada Day Celebration at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds
  • Exercises and drills run by SEPARS or the agencies we serve
  • Various other civic events throughout the year

[1] Regular nets operated by other organizations can be both informative and provide opportunity for radio skills practice. See /ops/local-radio-nets for a schedule.