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Our mission statement

To be "communicators", to respond in an emergency to facilitate communications between various agencies that may be without their own communications or network, or may have insufficient communications or network capacity in the event of an emergency, which could include natural or man-made disasters.

What is SEPARS?

SEPARS is a group of trained Amateur Radio operators that have volunteered to provide communications for the City of Surrey in times of Emergency or Disaster.  To find out more about who we are  and what we do, read more...

Weekly Net

The SEPAR Society net is held each Tuesday at 1930 hours local time on 147.360(+) (tone=110.9) The Net functions to take check-ins, handle traffic and disseminate information on SEPAR Society activities. Following the net, check-ins will also be taken, starting at 2000 hours local time during the Surrey Amateur Radio Club weekly net. We invite participation by all Amateurs.

Want to know more about SEPARS

SEPARS can provide communications support for community events such as parades and charity runs as described on our Public Event Communications page. This provides our volunteer Amateur Radio operators with training and practical experience for emergency communications while operating in the field under various conditions. If you would like communications support for your charitable or community event in the City of Surrey.

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Licensed Amateur Radio operators may follow us on Twitter via  #VE7HME

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Interested in joining SEPARS

  How do I join? Who do I call?

SEPAR volunteer requirements:

  • Must be 16 yrs. of age (for applicants aged 16-18 yrs, parental/guardian consent is required). 
  • Must complete a consent for criminal records search and personally take it to the Surrey RCMP (there is no charge for this search). 
  • If you have a drivers license you must provide a driving record, available from the Motor Vehicle Branch. 
  • Complete an EMBC (Emergency Management BC)  enrollment form (Note: The EMBC card that you receive is valid for five years).  
If you would like to join our emergency communications group, or if you require further information on our activities, please contact us here.  Please note that SEPAR is not a club but a volunteer group dedicated to providing ancillary emergency communications services for the City of Surrey.